Woodland Wreckers is a non-profit summer recreational swim team offered through the City of Woodland Parks and Recreation Department.  Our swim team is open to all children in the Woodland area.  The team is comprised of swimmers ages 5-18.  Throughout the summer, our swimmers practice daily with weekly swim meets throughout the Sacramento area.

The team’s purpose is to offer the youth of the Woodland area the opportunity to develop and enhance their own swimming abilities, learn the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship, and it enables them to participate in a sport we hope they grow to love.

One thing that sets our team apart from other city recreational teams is that we have our very own local high school coaches coaching our team.  This means these children are being taught the very fundamentals needed to compete on a high school swim team and we are supplying our local high schools with seasoned swimmers ready for competition.

  As swimming increases in popularity, more and more families are getting involved in the sport.   For more information in joining our team and seeing what the fun is all about, contact either Parks and Recreation at (530) 661-2000 or our Team Mom, Stacey Pascoe at (530) 848-3996.  See you in the pool!!!