Swim Meets

Swim Meet Information

Are meets required?

Each swimmer is required to participate in  a minimum of 2 meets per season. (Special circumstances may be discussed with Head Coach to waive this requirement) With each meet, every swimmer improves, develops confidence, and grows physically and mentally.

What if my child cannot attend a meet?

Every swimmer is seeded into each meet.  It is your responsibility to notify the coaches if your swimmer cannot attend a meet.  A minimum one week notice to the coaching staff is required.  Coaches cannot seed a meet based on when your child needs to leave the meet.

How do I know if my child is swimming in a meet, and what events are they swimming in?

Coaches determine who swims and in what events, according to individual goals and abilities. The coaches evaluate strokes, endurance, and experience of all of the swimmers. Then they place them in the events in which they can excel and do their best. Seeding a meet consists of placing the swimmers in events that will benefit themselves and the team. The benefits may be to help them achieve a goal, try a new event, and/or get a time. Coaches are required to complete their seeding by MONDAY evening prior to the swim meet. The coaches will post meet sheets on Thursdays listing each swimmer’s events. It is very important that you check these lists and notify the coaches if your plans have changed and if your child will not be at a meet. The SWIM TEAM is a TEAM made up of individuals. Each individual has a place on the team and each swimmer is important. When a child does not show up at a meet without notifying a coach, often an entire seeding sheet must be changed prior to the start of a meet. Should you have any questions or concerns as to the coaches’ seeding please ask as soon as possible.

Dual Meets

A league dual meet is when the SWIM TEAM competes against one other team in the league. Our team will compete in four league dual meets for the season. The Saturday dual meets start at 8:00am and conclude about 2pm. All swimmers arrive to the meet by 7am, ready to swim, and check in with the coaches.

League Championships

Championship’s is the final meet of the season, held Saturday and Sunday, typically the third weekend in July.  All five teams in the league compete against one another. Each swimmer who meet the minimum eligibility requirements of having swum in a minimum of two dual meets are asked to participate at least one of the two days at the Championship meet.

Meet Schedule

See current season’s meet schedule under Swim Meets tab, Meet Schedule.


Swimmers are called for their event at least two events prior to one that they are swimming. At this time, swimmers should be behind the blocks. Any swimmers not on the block when the starter blows the whistle (indicating that the swimmers can step up on the block) will have 30 seconds to be on the block. If they fail to make it to the block in less in 30 seconds, they receive a false start. They may also receive a false start for leaving the block before the starter’s official start. Two false starts in any one heat to one swimmer will equal a disqualification (DQ.) If the swimmer fails to make it to the block in 30 seconds, they are considered scratched from the heat.

Individual Events

The individual events consist of the following: Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly, and the Individual Medley (IM; one length of each of the four strokes.)


The relay events consist of Freestyle stroke, and Medley (comprised of different strokes.) Four swimmers from each team swimming equal lengths. The 6 and under age group relays are co-ed.

Disqualification (DQ)

Two judges from each team walk the sides of the pool watching swimmers’ strokes, turns, finishes. Illegal strokes, turns, or finishes may be an advantage to the swimmers and therefore, the judges disqualify (DQ) swimmers doing illegal actions. Any swimmer disqualified will receive a DQ slip rather than a ribbon. This form will give the unofficial time, as well as the reason for the DQ. The coach will discuss any disqualification during practice.